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Flowers have been an integral part of our family. As fourth generation Nevadans, we garden in the home our great-grandfather built in the 1930's. 

Our affection for nature and adventure is forever intertwined with joyful family memories, and we wish to share this love and tradition by designing farm fresh bouquets that exude warmth, love and the spirit of our Nevadan roots.


Liz is a woman of many passions, as a single mother, her two sweet girls keep her on her toes and inspire her daily.  She loves spring and finds joy in watching her seedlings sprout with the anticipation of all of the beauty they will add to the world.  If she can't be in the garden, she would definitely prefer relaxing at the beach.


Liz has a musical soul, and loves to sing and play the piano.  She is a talented baker and devoted child of God, finding comfort and strength in her faith.  Liz loves to travel and meet new people and is always up for adventures to feed her curious nature. Liz even confesses she used to eat her fair share of grass, it's no wonder why she treats her garden like a second home.

Where it started...

"We farm our flowers without use of harmful chemicals or pesticides and our goal is to grow our flowers with earth friendly and organic methods."

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